Farm Food by Kurt Timmermeister

Farm Food invites you to follow Kurt Timmermeister, through six months of life on his Vashon Island dairy farm. Food is about place and most of the meals set on Kurt s table are the truest sort of local, harvested from his thirteen acres of pasture, orchards, and greenhouses. They respond to the season, the occasion, the company, and the cook s mood. Through essays paired with recipes, Kurt opens a window into life on a small farm. As fall shades into winter, share the satisfaction and hard work of putting up the harvest, the joys of cider parties and cooking celebratory meals for friends, and the setbacks and sadness that are inevitably sometimes part of farming and life. Learn how to make your own simple cheese and ice cream, roll out your own pasta, prepare a great gratin (or two), and bake a cake your friends aren t likely to forget.

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