Shipping FAQs

Frequently Asked Shipping Qs

Is there a fee to drop off pre-labeled packages? YES, for UPS and FedEx drop-offs it's $1.99 per package.  Private mailbox holders can drop off for free and USPS drop-offs are free.

Why is it so expensive to ship my package(s)? Many factors contribute to high prices when it comes to Vashon Island including, but not limited to, the logistics of getting to Vashon, a finite number of delivery trucks, surcharges and our role as a third-party shipper.  Rest assured, your shipping counter experts will find you not only the most efficient option, but also the most affordable for your needs.

I don't want to pay the $1.99 fee? Is there another option? YES! There are two drop boxes in town - one at Courthouse Square (19001 Vashon Highway SW) and one at the IGA & Granny's parking lot on the southwest corner (10010 SW 210th St, Vashon, WA 98070)

USPS Questions:

Can you make USPS postage for me? Do you sell stamps? We are only authorized to create postage for private shippers.  And we do not sell stamps.

Can I leave my USPS pre-labeled package here? Yes! As long as it has proper postage.

I have a mis-delivered USPS package at my house - can you help me with it? No, that's only for your USPS office.

Other Random Questions:

Will you print my label for me? No, we don't have that capability. Try at the Pharmacy or Vashon Print & Design.

Why can't you accept QR codes? Since we are a third party and not a UPS or FedEx franchise/location, we're not granted access to QR scanners.

How can I ship as cost-effectively as possible? Box measurements always set your package at a base weight, so it's smartest to pack your items safely into the smallest box possible.