The Wonder Walker™ Dog Harness

The Wonder Walker™ Body Halter© makes walking your dog enjoyable! Less walking your dog and not the dog walking you. Made in Seattle, WA. Choose: XS/red, S/silver, M/yellow, XL/royal.

Measuring For The Right Size:

These measurements are suggested as guides. Some dogs will need either a larger or smaller size depending on whether they are built deep and or wide in the chest or girth or have a heavy hair coat.

Sizing Guide – Girth Measurements:

  • TINY Girth measurement 8 to 14 inches — is made with 3/8″ webbing
  • TOY Girth measurement 13.5 to 17 inches — is made with 3/8″ webbing
  • X-SMALL Girth measurement 18 to 23 inches — is made with 5/8″ webbing
  • SMALL Girth measurement 20 to 28 inches — is made with 3/4″ webbing
  • MEDIUM Girth measurement 25 to 33 inches — is made with 3/4″ webbing or 1″ webbing
  • LARGE Girth measurement 27 to 36 inches — is made with 1″ webbing
  • X-LARGE Girth measurement 30 to 48 inches — is made with 1″ webbing

    Measure around your dog following the dotted line. Choose the size for your dog by comparing it to these measurements. If your dog is close to the upper limits of one size, choose the larger size. Chest measurements are normally about half of the dog’s girth measurement. 


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